Impressive, exhausting and a lot of fun – That’s what the Strasbourg Trip 2017 was all about. 43 journalism and eight Erasmus students headed off on a foggy November morning to Strasbourg for the probably last class trip of their lives.

We explored not only the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, but also the political heart of Europe by visiting the European parliament and the council of Europe.

The most emotional part of the trip was the visit of the former concentration camp “Struthof-Natzweiler”. The camp left a deep impression on all of us since this place of horror, pain and death is located so beautifully in the French Vosges.

But no matter how exhausting and nerve-wracking the day was: The evenings were party time. Sometimes with, sometimes without the profs.

Text: Carole Tolksdorf
Video: Luisa Bomke & Carole Tolksdorf