Advertising is everywhere and tries to take your attention with any of possible methods. It could be funny or shocking, with deep moral and meaningless or it could be sex appeal. And about the last kind of advertising, I would like to talk about.

As you know the main function of advertising is informing consumers about a product, that takes attention and then attractive to buy product. This function is suitable for the economic sphere, but with regard to the social function of advertising, it plays the role of forming certain standards of thinking, building the image and behavior of various social groups. More attractive brings a sexual advertising. Contrary to the opinion of most people, sexuality is not licentiousness in behavior, because in fact this aspect of the personality includes psychological, physiological, social, spiritual, cultural and even religious aspects.

Let’s take attention to the biological nature of human and mainly to reproductive function, most of all well-known brands, through well-designed advertising messages, attract attention, show and keep the attention of representatives of their target audience. The basis of sexuality is both biological and social components, which turns forming in the process of education and socialization in the external environment. And advertising has become an excellent medium for shaping the perception of sexuality for people.

However, the buyer’s positive or negative reaction will depend on the compliance of the advertised product. If sex appeal in advertising is used inadequately, i.e. solely to attract attention, or emphasizes the exploitation of the female body, or diminishes and even offends the role of a woman, then the attitude to the brand, in most cases, will be negative. Each advertiser should remember that each advertising brings emotions and very important that it should be a positive. If you show an exploiting of someone, that brings a negative emotions and as result a bad reputation for product. To restore brand reputation will be hard, just because consumers have a good memory and remember everything.

As an example I’d like to tell about Axe Effect campaign. Everyone remembers this product and everyone remembers their advertising, when man use deodorant and all women around going crazy and adorable running to him. Well in one side this is fantastic and creative idea that promises high selling, but in other side most of female right organizations were against this video and required to stop this advertising campaign just because all women are shown as free-minded and foolish. The main words that they have used were – “women’s exploitation”. That’s why you should be very carefully when working with a sexual advertising.

Erotic images solve some problems – first of all attract the attention of consumers, weaken critical perception, create emotional background around the product, causing desire. In modern society advertising plays in this process one of the main roles by acting as a regulator of the flow of impulses of desire, offering a system of values ​​and guides. The production of desire is associated with the sexual, sensual sphere of a person, love, erotica. The influence of all the above factors is so great that they can be called “the power that controls the whole human life.” (Psychology of advertising, 2011)

With the right approach, this type of advertising becomes the most memorable for consumers among the rest of the advertising, which contributes to the further purchase of goods, since this type of advertising could cause strong emotions in the consumer, or rather a feeling of excitement, which is very important in any advertising activity. Sometimes images in advertising are remembered more than the advertised product itself, so you should always put the advertised product to the fore and only after that is the way it will be used to advertise the product.


Most goods and services are related with sexuality. Goods like a  underwear, clothing, cosmetics, perfume, travel agencies, etc. Therefore, for such types of goods and services, the use of erotic images of models of both sexes is an important component. You understand well, that underwear advertising without a sex appeal model would look really strange, if put there for example animals or kids. As a result, it could bring a negative emotion for consumers and low selling.

Consumers immediately notice the nudity in advertising, and after that we can pay their attention to the product that being promoted. The market is ruthless, almost any means are good, any opportunity to attract the attention of consumers is welcome. (Sex and violence in advertising, 2008)


 Advertisers use female images in advertisements to attract the attention of the audience. According to the principle that the female image is aesthetically more pleasing to the perception than the image of a man. Many products and services  aimed precisely to the female audience, because in advertisements of underwear or women’s cosmetics will be present female images. The main characteristic of the female image is sex appeal character.

That means not only drawing attention to the product, promising benefits, success, popularity to those who acquire it, but also creates a desire to possess this product. The buyer should be encouraged to represent himself as the owner of the product and then it will certainly lead to its purchase. To do this, an advertisement must contain an object that will certainly become an object of desire. According to the psychology of advertising, this object is a female image, and directly the female body, which is a powerful buying stimulator.

Emancipation is the main key feature in sexual advertising. This type of advertising is focused on the younger generation. Sexuality is directly related to beauty, which is part of the image of a young audience, because in many advertisements of erotic content there are young people. For most consumers this kind of advertising brings desire to be young, beautiful and emancipated person as there. We are people who live in social world and to be better than anyone else is our nature instinct. Even if we see any sexual poster, subconsciously we think about to be like that young sex appeal model or to be better and brain finds a decision to be like that model in poster by buying the advertised product.

It could be a long discussion about the positive and negative sides of sexual advertisement, but we cannot  agree that it brings effect of consumer’s attention and result in buying a product. Just because brand companies know how works our brain and what kind of emotions bring for us. I don’t want to say you stand against of advertising, because it’s impossible. Wherever you been, it is always with you, on the street, in your devices and TV. And we need each other. For them our attention and buying, for us information about new product. All what we need just to be a little critical and analyze what we see, then you may control your mind from unplanned spending money for any product.

And as said one my friend about sexual advertising: “just watch and enjoy it, because sexuality is an art. And this art sells”.