Attorney For Human Rights

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Clive Stafford Smith (born 9 July 1959) is a British attorney, who represented more than 128 inmates from the infamous Guantanamo Bay Prison.

Stafford Smith started his career with a graduation from the Columbian Law School in New York. After working for nine years in the Southern Center of Human Rights, he moved to New Orleans. There he started the Louisiana Crisis Assistance Center, a non-profit organization to defend the poor in death penalty cases. Stafford Smith is  also the English director of Reprieve, an international human rights charity campaigning against the death penalty, the use of drones in war and the use of torture.

Torture in interrogation has been common practice for long time at the Guantanamo bay detention camp and it’s unclear if it is still practiced these days. NGOs and social organizations all over the world criticize it strongly for neglecting  human rights. Former president Obama promised to close it down during his election campaign in 2008. As of winter 2016, 59 inmates are still held in Guantanamo.

To Stafford Smith Guantanamo bay is an affront to democracy and the rule of law. He strives to abandon death penalty in the USA. More than 300 death penalty defendants relied on him, of which all but six could be saved.

In 2005 his engagement was awarded with the Gandhi International Peace Award. By helping to defend the people, who would die without a lawyer at their side, he ensures that the accused and their families receive appropriate justice. For his lifelong work on defending  of Human Rights, Stafford Smith deserves the Nobel Prize.