An brillant actor 

Leonardo DI Caprio, born in California and is starting to act at 14’. He receives differents titles for his acting and to be director like: Academy Award, Golden Globe nomination, Screen Actors Guild Award He receives an Oscar and he used his notoriety to speak about climate, a huge buzz for him and a good thing for the climate and Human rights.




A brillant activist

DI Caprio is creating his own foundation “Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation” as a lot of actors in Hollywood who protect climate, but he has joined the group “People’s Climate March”, has spoken in United Nation like a peace messenger and has contributed to create the movie “Before the flood” in collaboration with National Geographic and the director Fisher Stevens.




Before the flood is 1h30 of tour around the world. You can see disaster in Greenland, about palm oil, Arctic who melted, the sand who swallowed Alberta … Leonardo DiCaprio used his notoriety to speak about the famous people and leaders like Obama, the Pope, Bill Clinton, scientists …

We just hope that his notoriety can change mind of his followers.

Marthe Desreumaux