Since we arrived in the beginning of September most of the female Erasmus exchange students got sexual harassed in some way. Not always physical, but psychological.  Going home in the dark is now a huge problem for us. The threat of the fact that it can happen anytime and anywhere again is always following us. Men offering dubious jobs, whistle when you are passing them or even touching you got just normal. They do not respect the personal borders of us.

The normal articles in the rubric „stranger things“ are more curious and perhaps funny, but I want to emphasize on a topic which is more than strange and bizarre for me. In my experience and from what the other girls told me, we were just not used to things like that. Sexual harassment is strictly forbidden in Germany, Portugal and even Turkey since years. So, we did not expect that such a crime is commonplace in another western european country. Despite sexual harassment is forbidden in Belgium since 2014 as well, it seems, that the attitude and behaviour did not change at all up to now. But not just in Belgium molestation is common in their neighbour country Netherlands it appears to be the same that was said by Irene Rozendahl in an Interview she gave.