Still want to know more about the Erasmus experience?
Then you should listen to the radio show ‘Erasmus Live’! Show 4 is out now!
Every Wednesday from 12 till 12.45 pm, you’ll be updated on past and coming events, get a glimpse of how it is to study abroad via interviews and you can listen to travel reports.

As part of the course ‘International Project’ a group of students make a radio show each week, to let all the present Flemish and Erasmus students at AP Univeristy College in Antwerp know what they Erasmus experience embodies.
But everybody is invited to listen and learn!

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Who is part of the show?
The show has four different hosts, who respectively have one or two shows they host. Amy, Bjorn, Lea and Vanessa are the lovely hosts!
The show also contains some travel and activity reports. That team consists of Ann-Kristin, Laïla and Zeynep. Each week two of them come on the show to talk about their subject (travel or activities).

Show number 4
The fourth show has aired on 7/12/2016 and was hosted by Bjorn.
Interviewees (in order) were Nadia Vissers (AP University College),  Ann-Kristin (Erasmus AP), Zeynep (Erasmus AP) and Alice (Erasmus AP).
Subjects ranged from how you can go on Erasmus as an AP student to travelling to Cologne!

Big events that are coming up:
Erasmus Experience on Wednesday December 14th

Listen to the whole show below!

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