It means in a diversified country with at least 37 cultures, you can’t be metis. In fact, Bolivia is the Latin-American country with the biggest proportion of “indigenous” people, the population who was present before the colonization.

Since 2009, when the new constitution has been realized, the notion of “mixed race” has disappeared. The new census report which fit with the constitution of 2009 contains only the possibility to come from European parents or Native American ones, which means every child in Bolivia has to choose between two cultures because the mixing between the two doesn’t legally exist.

So mixed race is a sensible subject in this country while every person is proud about its mix of cultures. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to estimate the proportion of metis in Bolivia because of this new census report; it incredibly changes between 25% and 80% of the population according to this and previous censuses and different research centers.


Written by Lucie Douet