Lille (France) is a huge city with 250 000 inhabitants and as a metropolis, 1 200 000 inhabitants. The city is the 4th biggest city above Paris, Lyon and Marseille. Lille is known for Dutch speaking like: RIJSEL and its surname is “Flanders’s capital”.

Why you should go to make party ? 

Lille is known for its party around the city. Lille is the 3rd city that has the most bars per inhabitants. The student life is important!


You want fun, drink, meet some people and you have the choice to change when you want and not walk between bars and nights club :

Go to the district of Solferino – Massena, there are a lot of bars, night clubs and parties in the street. You can find for all tastes in this street. I recommended you, to begin the night slowly, to go in After Hours. There are a large choice of beers for only 5€ a pint and take a plate of delicatessen. After, you can go in Massena, close to Solferino and drink in bar with music like Basecamp, La Plage, La Relève, Le Velvet … There is a lot of nightclubs where you can find whatever you want but if the most famous is The Smile, Network, La Relève, or Latina.

Sometime party looks like that : 
Fête de la musique (June 21) – Basecamp video in Massena Street 


You love old city, bar atypical, you prefer to drink a good glass of wine or cocktails:

Go to “Le Vieux Lille” (The old Lille), there are most restaurants and bars “lounge”, you can find a good glass of wine and a warm place in Atomic Rabbit near to Avenue du Peuple Belge or some bars like Australian Bar (a huge bar near to Rue de Gand with a lot of restaurants). You can go to Rue Royal, the most animated streets in the old city, there is an eccentric bar like Pharmacie bar, Lobby, Le Quai des Bananes… The bar are more warm, sweet and novel than Solferino. You can find nightclubs for all ages and atmospheres.


Le Dandy Bar : Pinterest Pictures

If you can do both, try and do your own judgement.
Parties in Lille are very famous, there is a very famous festival: The Main Square near to Lille, in Arras. Before going to a party, you can walk around the streets, go to shopping and enjoy your trip.
Lille is a beautiful city to visit. I wanted to speak about parties for you, student, but don’t miss to visit my beautiful city. (1h30 by car from Antwerp)

In collaboration with my friend Josephine Bout, with whom I tried and I’ll try all the bars of Lille for you. 😉

Marthe Desreumaux