Social media is filled with posts and ideas on how to become a vegan. Besides the fact that being vegan means protecting animals and fighting against animal cruelty, following a vegan diet seems to be quite a hype around young and old people these days. Many specialists confirm that it is really beneficial for your health and animals don’t need to be harmed for us to receive a complete and nutritious meal.   That’s why I decided to try it for a week and see what the hype is all about.

As for me, I am planning to include vegan meals twice a week into my diet but I think I am not ready to fully give up on my real chicken nuggets. Maybe with some time I could increase the number of vegan meals in my week or start making small changes like stop eating red meat which is supposed to be harmful to your health. What I am definitely doing is making sure my make up products are completely cruelty-free.

And you, would you go vegan?