At present days we think about this question less. We care more about what time it is now or what day it is today? But thinking about what time really not that important for these days.

Can you explain what time looks like? Can you feel time? Have you ever heard time, and do you know what sounds it makes? Scientists and philosophers have since ages tried to find the answer: What is time? But we seem to care more about what time it is now or what day it will be tomorrow.

Since antiquity, in the time of agricultural farms for most people time wasn’t such an important thing. The day began at sunrise and finished at sunset. But when season changed it became necessary to determine the time. A scientific breakthrough in the creation of the first calendar in the world occurred about 5,000 years ago in the tribe of semi-nomadic herders in Nabta Plae, on the territory of modern Egypt. From this point on, the improvement of the definition of time began from the point of view of science and, at the moment having modern technologies, we can determine the time with an accuracy of hundredths of a second.

But in modern physics there are some nuances about the time, because time may flow everywhere in different ways, everything depends only on what kind of planet you are on and how gravity acts on you. From the point of view of scientists, the stronger the gravity, the more time is distorted and accordingly proceeds more slowly. But will it be then possible to feel the slowness of time, or will it seem to us that time is also passing as usual? This question stays open! According to the more courageous scientists – time doesn’t exist in real. We created time ourselves to determine the beginning and end of any process or event in life and the opportunity to determine the moment of the present.

Although determining the moment of the present is a little more complicated than the events of the past or the future, simply because the present is a rather slippery thing, what we are doing now instantly becomes an event of the past and at the same time what we are doing now will also be an action for the future. Man is designed in such a way that many things that are not even familiar to him, and even more so materially non-existent, are trying to animate. The same we did with time, by giving some definitions and expressions as: time is running, time will heal, time is stopped etc. But we understand absolutely, that time is an abstract thing and cannot run, heal or even to stop. The impossibility of explaining what time is, leads to a dead end..

The French philosopher Henry Bergson gave an intuitive definition about time. In this creative idea time is different for everyone and flows for everyone in different ways. According to many doctors and psychology, each person has his own biological clock, which is not associated with the total time. And for someone, a day can passing by quickly, and for someone, it can goes very slowly. It turns out that everyone feels his time in different ways, when he wakes up, eat dinner and go to bed. And this applies not only to each individual person, but also for whole civilization.

Every tribe and nation has its own record of time. For many, the chronology is began from the birth of Christ and therefore we have 2018 calendar year now. But after all, not all nations are so, Arab countries are counting their time from the moment when the prophet Mohammed left Mecca in 622. And for many countries with Islamic culture, it is 1439 now. In the same way, many nations, depending on the important event for them, have their own calendar, from religious events to military victories.

For all the centuries of researching the concept of time, scientists and philosophers have not come to a single concept of what time really is. Perhaps because everyone has his own concept of time, that differs from all others and flows in its own way especially. As well as the fact that most people live in the past tense and those who live with thoughts about the future and only not many who value their life in the present tense. It doesn’t matter whether we can ever see or sense time, it’s important what sign or mark we will leave in our time, that give start to counting time from our actions.