This is Austria

When Belgians and Austrians come together, it’s probably at an après-ski bar in the Alps. That’s where Belgians probably pick up the song “Anton aus Tirol”, which to hear about surprised me a lot. But often, that’s where the knowledge about my homecountry  stops. In order to give you more insight into the Austrian mind, I’d like to present a “Did you know?” about Austrians way of life.

The talk

Bildergebnis für kärntnerisch gred

In “kaernt’nerisch gred” dialect words get explained

Just like  in Germany, the official language in Austria is German. Altough, we try to make a distinction to Germany wherever it is possible, we don’t want to be the “mountainous Germany”

The spoken language in Austria differs a lot from region to region and valley to valley. You find different dialect words everywhere. Especially in the more rural parts old dialects are preserved. In bigger cities as in Vienna, mostly agree on the dialect-free German.

The most common words get a place in the dictionary for Austrian-German.

The dances

 Dance club Fürnitz Faakersee

The Opernball in Vienna is an huge event every spring and the place to be for  Austrian “high society” at least. The official dance is the Viennese Waltz. The whole ball is incredibly elegant and follows a tradition from the 19th century.
Traditional in another way are the dances in more rural places. Churches and fire-departments exist in every small village and have their own dances as well as a traditional orchestra.

The music

Bildergebnis für Bilderbuch

Bilderbuch’s song are typically Viennese

Many Austrians made an reputation as classical composers,  of which the best known lived more than two hundred years ago. Music nowadays is very diverse. When on Volksfests, people listen to folk music, classical music is mostly reserved to one radio channel and concert halls. International pop music is what the majority listens on a daily basis. Once a year a non-commercial radio channel organises the Donauinselfest. A three day long festival with pop artists from around the world and Austrian bands. A lot of bands are now surfing on the new-new German wave, performing their songs in German or Austrian dialect.


The attire

Bildergebnis für dirndl lederhose designer jan&ina

Couple with Dirndl und Lederhosen by JAN&INA

Dirndl and Lederhosen are still an essential part of the Austrian culture. Even more, they find a new popularity in fashion. Dirndl fashion are as diverse as the dialects and every valley claims their own colors and  patterns on the dresses. While Dirndl has already disappeared from daily life, it’s still seen at official events and important festivities. A lot of young designers in Austria bring the Dirndl on the catwalks.

I hope this helps you to understand the culture and Austrians themselves a little bit better, if you encounter them on your next skiing holiday.